Equanimity and art

detail of a pastelpainting showing an eggplant
detail, eggplant

Day 4

Anyone who is a mother or a father who has a dog and has to go to work to fight the flood of bills at the end of the month knows my dream. I see myself in a lonely but pretty place, my easel in a light-flooded room and about 3 hours / days / months (delete the inapplicable) in which nobody bothers me and I can just paint ….. Reality looks more like this: I walk past my easel 10 times a day and give it longing looks. I try to sneak up 5 times, but when I only approach 3 meters, the child bawls, a dog howls or hubby asks something. 1 time a day I manage to pick up a chalk and if I’m lucky no one will notice. Today I had made a few lines in the fading light (when else) when an important phone stopped. Was important, I had to assume. But at least painted for about 20 minutes and a few white spots less.

It used to make me crazy, but at some point I understood that life is what it is. There is no point in getting angry, but taking the challenge makes sense. Since then, I have been waiting for the opportunity to paint for 10 minutes instead of waiting for an inspiration. And these 10 minutes are my “ant steps”.

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